I'm Lisa Newhouse. I'm the woman behind The Ancillary Marketing Studio.

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Your website it what says everything about your business and your brand to current day customers. Many people look at a business’ website before they ever consider stepping foot inside a brick and mortar location.

We believe your website should represent the feel of your brand, and the experience people have when they interact with your brand. And we believe they should be easy to use, and look better than your competition.

That said, we create website architecture that makes it easy for online users to navigate your site. We create content that your website needs, whether it’s a brand new website from scratch, or a revamp of any old site. We provide photography, graphic design, and copywriting. You collaborate with us to help us get a feel for what your customers need to see, and what kinds of tools would make your life easier, and then we take care of all the rest.


Social Media Marketing can work for businesses in many different ways. We don’t boost posts, or pay for new likes– we create unique and original content for your brand, and we cultivate followers that are loyal fans of your business.

Social Media is a marathon if you do it right, and we believe there are no shortcuts to quality content, and thoughtful editorial calendars for posts. We believe that social media campaigns for business should be fun, engaging, and absolutely purposeful.

We create a unique strategy for every single client we work with, that echoes their brand, their vibe, and their capacity to keep their feed sustainable.



We offer various design services in an ad hoc manner… identities, logos, print ads, promotional materials, business cards, packaging design, and really anything else our clients can dream up.

If you’re looking for design services, please do be aware, these are services that we provide exclusively to clients who have full marketing retainers with The Ancillary Marketing Studio. (So if you’re looking for just a new business card, we’re not your agency– sorry.)


Sadly, everyone is not your customer. Even if you want them to be. We focus on who your products and services appeal to, and we create marketing strategies that reach those people in an engaging way. We pride ourselves on being thoughtful and creative, and when we have the freedom to make really awesome marketing moments for your business, we take them.

This means that we create an experience for people in the real world with you business, and we use social media and digital marketing to support that efforts– it’s a one-two punch, and it’s really fun for everyone.