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Neon Sign? Yes, Of Course.

The-Ancillary-Marketing_May2016-2271There was a Ann Arbor news story about a local “Sign Wizard” that caught my client’s eye. We discussed the idea of neon signs– the drawbacks, the assets, whether it was on-brand, what it might look like, and where is would be displayed. And by the way, a neon sign is no small investment.

Ultimately I decided it was kind of a no-brainer the the brand I had developed for him. Neo is so classic– and it’s getting to rare to see unique, and quality-made neon these days. I loved the nostalgia of it. So we dove in.

And the sign are awesome. Certainly, yes– the sign maker is a WIZARD. And thankfully my client, Nick Ferris was one that was willing to take a big risk to demonstrate the type of business Black Diesel is, and the commitment we made to the branding.

Personally I think it’s really cool to see a logo I made turning into giant, exciting neon. Man, oh man. It’s one of my favorite projects.


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